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Rotary Attachment

The Rotary Attachment is an option for the ILS-II and ILS-III units that allows you to engrave on cylindrical or round objects (drinking glasses, wine bottles, pens, etc.). With the Rotary Attachment, you can engrave completely around the circumference!

This is the Rotary Attachment...

This is a close up of the rotary engraver attachment. The black box on the left contains the motor, while the right side has a clamp. The rotary attachment is very easy to attach and use. With the Rotary Attachment installed, the laser transforms X and Y movements into X and Theta (rotational) movements, making engraving a breeze.

Picture of the rotary

This is the Rotary Attachment on Wine.....

The rotary attachment allows you to easily engrave on cylindrical objects. Most common uses are for wine bottles, drinking glasses, and even spherical objects like base balls. Literally any object that fits on the rotary attachment can be engraved.

Rotary with bottle

Example of Engraving on a Wine Bottle.

Example of Rotary Engraving- close-up Example of Rotary Engraving

Typically, you create your artwork file using a rectangle to represent the engraving area. For example, if you wanted to engrave on a wine bottle that was 9" tall and 3.5" diameter (11" circumference), you would use a "page" size in your graphics program 9" wide x 11" tall, where the 9" represents the X-Axis (left-to-right movement) and the 11" represents the Theta (rotational) movement. Actually you should add another 4" or so to the X-Axis dimension, making your page size 13" x 11". This is because the Rotary Attachment sets right up against the zero position of the X-Axis, but the top of the wine bottle (referring to the picture shown above) is about 4" to the right of the X-Axis zero position. The Rotary Attachment has a ruler scale built on it to help in determining the working dimensions.

With the rotary attachment installed, the X-Axis (left/right)"zero" is still at the left side of the artwork platform. The Y-Axis/Theta (back/front) zero is at the center of the Rotary Attachment (which is at the midway point, i.e. 9" from the front or back)

Below are some pictures of a glass jar being installed into the rotary device.
Installed Rotary Device Installed Rotary Device

Installed Rotary Device Installed Rotary Device