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Red Laser Pointer

The CO2 Laser Source used in the Laser Engraver is invisible to the human eye. Although it is invisible, it still can cause harm - so always use the Laser with caution. Do not use the Laser Engraver unless the doors of the laser cabinet are closed.

Since the CO2 is invisible, sometimes it is nice to be able to have an indication of where the beam is on the artwork. This can be helpful when you are lining up your artwork. The Red Laser Pointer (an option on some models, and standard on others) uses a Red Laser - like the type used in general purpose laser pointers. This Red Laser is mounted in-line with the CO2 cutting laser. The Red Laser beam passes thru the same optics as the CO2 laser and appears visible on the cutting platform. You can use this "visible" beam to line up your artwork or to run your jobs with the CO2 laser off and verify the engraving/cutting path.