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Internal Circular Buffer Memory

Some of the Laser Engravers have Internal Circular Buffer Memory. As this name implies, this memory is internal to the Laser Engraver. It is called "circular" because once the memory is filled (i.e. reaches the end) it automatically starts again at the beginning (like a circle). It is called "buffer memory" because when the computer sends a file to the laser, the file is stored (buffered) by this memory.

If the computer file is less than the memory size, then the entire file can fit into this memory. In this case, the computer can just send the entire file down to the laser and be free to perform other tasks. If the file is larger than the laser memory, or if the laser has no memory, then the computer will send as much as it can before the laser temporarily halts the transmission. As the laser starts engraving/cutting and thus frees up memory, it can ask the computer to send more of the file. This halt/continue "handshaking" between the computer and laser continues until the entire file has been processed. This "handshaking" approach is how most desktop printers operate.

Normally the files used in engraving/cutting are much less than the memory in the laser and so several files can be stored in the laser at the same time. Laser Engravers, such as the ILS-II and ILS-III that have internal memory also have front panel controls that let you select a particular file stored in the internal memory and process this file by using the "RUN" button on the laser's control panel. This makes processing different jobs very easy, without having to keep going back to the computer to send the next job. We have used this feature extensively here at LaserDealer and it really is nice and saves time in making multiple copies of the same engraving!!

The ILS-R has no internal memory and therefore uses the "handshaking" of the computer to send the file (just like a regular printer). So for each copy of an engraving you want to make, you simply just send the file from the computer to the engraver.