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LaserDealer - Laser Engraver Model ILS-R

ILS-R photo (top opened)
  • Compact entry level
  • 8 x 12 inch (210x300mm) work area
  • Quick Speed: 30 inch/sec (750 mm/sec)
  • High resolution - up to 1000dpi
  • Available Power: 12 or 25 watt
  • Air Assist & Exhaust Port Ready
  • Easy Maintenance
ILS-R photo (top closed)

ILS-R laser machine is a small compact laser engraving machine. It is so small that could be carried by one person. Although it is small, it has a working table that accommodates 8 x 12 inch (210 x 300mm) material. ILS-R is designed with separate compartments for easy disassemble. The three compartments are; the top motion system, the bottom electrical unit, and the back laser tube. If service is ever required, the modular design makes it easy to swap the components - making service as easy as 123.

No special skill necessary for the maintenance of this unit - just keep it clean (A Clean Machine is a Happy Machine)!. The top door has a window made of safety glass that allows the user to view the engraving/cutting in action. The artwork platform of this unit can be adjusted by 0.8 inch (20 mm) to allow the laser to be focused on the material you are processing. Because of this focusing range, this laser is intended for relatively flat thin items. Plaques, name tags and Rubber Stamps are ideal applications.

ILS-R Separate Components Shown here are the top component (the motion system) and the bottom component (Electrical unit) separated. The third component, the laser tube, is shown mounted on the back of the motion system.

ILS-R is designed without any internal memory - just like most desktop printers. The users would use their computer as the data storage and processor. This is in contrast with the ILS-II and ILS-III units that have their own internal memory. The ILS-R is very suitable for small store applications in the personal sign and rubber stamp industry. It is the entry level unit, and carries and entry level price.


The ILS-R-12 is a low power laser engraving machine. This machine is suitable for shallow engraving and pictures. Of course, it could also be used to engrave rubber stamps. This is the most economic machine we offer.


The ILS-R-25 is a medium power laser engraving machine. It is very suitable for engraving rubber stamps. It can also be used for shallow engraving and pictures as well as for personal/business signs. It is a very popular entry level unit becuase of its small size and powerful laser.

Photo #1 of Example Engravings Examples of engravings on different material includes photos, acryllic and wood. Well engraved items have that "hand carved" quality.
More examples of wood and

stone .

Photo #4 of Example Engravings
Photo #3 of Example Engravings

The ILS-R is perfect for making rubber stamps. Although it is a small desktop unit, it can make large rubber stamps.


LaserDealer Laser Engraver ILS-R Specifications

Model No. ILS-R
Laser Source ILS-R-12:

12 W Synrad CO2 Laser Air Cooled


25 W Deos CO2 Laser Air Cooled

Power Requirements ILS-R-12:

110/220VAC, 50/60Hz

10 Amp, 1 phase


110/220VAC, 50/60Hz

15 Amp, 1 phase

Power Control Digital power control from 0-100%

with automatic proportional pulsing

and color linked power settings.

Maximum Speed 750 mm/sec (30 in/sec)
Resolution 1000 dpi, 500dpi, 333dpi, 250dpi,and draft mode.
Working Table 210 X 300 mm (8 X 12 in)
Focus Lens

Adjustable Height

20mm (0.8 in)
Weight ILS-R-12:

34 kg (75 lbs)


39 kg (86 lbs)

Computer Interface Parallel
Driver Language Changeable to local languages.
Software Compatable with most Windows

Intergrated CAD programs for graphics

and character generation.

Operating Modes Optimized landscaping modes with raster

engraving or combined vector cutting and

raster engraving.

Dimention 406 X 545 X 500 mm

(10 X 16 X 20 in)

Safety Standards CDRH Class 1, CE



Suggestion operation:

operation enviornment should have

ambient temperature less than

25 degrees C.

Available Options:
Air Assist Pump 1 Bar
Blower 1/2hp and 1hp
Exhaust System Outside exhaust required, 7m3/min

(250 ft3/min) at 3 inches water pipe.

610 X 610 X 1300 mm (24 X 24 X 51 in)

Includes Activity Carbon and Filter