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LaserDealer - Laser Engraver Model ILS-III

ILS-III photo
  • Premier Professional Laser
  • 18 x 24 x 8 in. (457 x 610 x 200mm) area
  • High Speed 60 in/sec (1524 mm/sec)
  • High resolution up to 1000 dpi
  • Available Power: 12, 25, 50, 100 watt
  • Internal 64MB Circular Buffer Memory
  • Control Panel with LCD display
  • Air Assist and Exhaust Port Ready
  • Integrated Red Laser Pointer
  • Steel construction with easy moving casters
ILS-R photo (top closed)

The ILS-III is our Laser Engraver with the most advanced features. Available in a wide offering of different power levels, its larger size and higher speed allows it to process larger objects with lightening quickness. The ILS-III is equally at home at the high-volume sign shop, the manufacturing floor or the establishment that wants one machine versatile enough to perform a wide range of functions.

ILS-III is a high speed and also a high acceleration machine. A high acceleration machine can reach a high speed within a shorter period of time than a low acceleration machine. This means, with the ILS-III the user can engrave an object within a short period of time. The ILS-III is is equipped with an advanced software driver that provides complete control over the printing quality. The software has advanced 3D effects that really make photo engravings stand out versus industry standard plain 2D effect. In addition, the ILS-III is designed with an 18 x 24 x 8 inch (457 x 640 x 200mm) working area, a fast motorized z-axis and a front door (in addition to the top lid) that allows the user the ability to engrave longer items such as snow/water skis, golf clubs, wood trim, etc.

Moreover, the engraving compartment is equipped with fluorescent light that provides a bright working area and a Red Laser Pointer to ease in the the laser alignment and the location of your artwork on the platform.

ILS-III Front Door Opened


The ILS-III-12 is a large machine with fast speed. It is very suitable for those who need a larger working table and just enough power to engrave shallowly and pictures. This machine can cut up to 0.25 inch (6.5mm) thick acrylics. In addition, it is the economic version in this range.


The ILS-III-25 is the most desired machine available. It is very suitable for all purposes due to the power. This is the middle range power machine that has enough power to do most task and is still very affordable. The machine is powerful enough to cut through a 0.475 inch (l2mm) thick acrylics.


The ILS-III-50 is a powerful unit with blistering speed. It can finish a job twice as fast as a 25 watt unit. This is the machine for those who require to engrave or cut through a thick material once while maintaining the speed. It is also very suitable for mass production. This is our internal unit of choice for providing engraving services.


The ILS-III-100 is the fastest most powerful Laser Engraver we offer. Questions is, can you handle this much speed and power? The laser in this system is sooo hot, it requires a water-cooled chiller in order to operate. This unit is really reserved for the user who needs to quickly cut very thick material in a one-pass process, or requires the fastest processing available. The top of the premier line is also the most expensive. . . you get what you pay for!

ILS-III Rotary Attachment

Shown here is the rotary attachment engraving a wooden bottle. You can also etch glass, like wine bottles, etc with the speed and power of the laser!

Even engrave your own wooden or acrylic plaques,

office supplies with a personal appearance, or

create spectacular memorabilia.

Photo #1 of Example Engravings

The ILS-3 Laser has different

property settings to enable you,

as the user, to change the

power and speed of the laser.

It has the ability to both cut and

engave depths according to color.

Photo #4 of Example Engravings
Photo #3 of Example Engravings The ILS-III can even be ideal for cutting wooden (or acrylic) patterns. Make wounderful hand painted gifts for friends and family, or just enjoy your own accomplishments. Excellent for model making or prototyping!


LaserDealer Laser Engraver ILS-III Specifications


Model No. ILS-III
Laser Source ILS-III 12/25/50

12/25/50 W CO2 Laser Air Cooled


100 W CO2 Laser Water Cooled

Power Requirements ILS-III-12/25/50

110/220VAC, 50/60Hz

10/15/25 AMP, 1 phase


110/220 VAC, 50/60 Hz

35AMP, 1 phase

Power Control Digital power control from 0-100% with automatic proportional pulsing and color linked power setings.
Maximum Speed 1524 mm/sec (60 in/sec)
Resolution 1000dpi, 500dpi, 333dpi, 250dpi, 200dpi, and draft mode
Working Table 457 x 610 mm (18 x 24 in)
Weight ILS-III 12/25/50

95/100/120kg (209/220/265lbs)


140kg (309lbs)

Computer Interface Parallel Port
Driver Language Changeable to local languages
Software Compatable with most Windows

Intergrated CAD programs for graphics

and character generation

Operating Modes Optimized landscaping modes with raster

engraving or combined vector cutting and

raster engraving.

Dimention 865 x 900 x 990mm

(34 x 35 x 39 in)

Safety Standards CDRH Class 1, CE



Suggestion operation:

operation enviornment should have

ambient temperature less than

25 degrees C.

Ground. (could extend the life of

the laser system)

Motorized Z-axis


Z-axis adjustment up to 210mm (8.4 in)
Max. Working


457 X 610 X 200 mm

(18 X 24 X 8 in)

Memory Buffer 64 MB.

Intelligent memory buffer with

automatic data storage up to

9 files with all settings

Display Panal LCD display showing current file name,

laser power, raster or vector speed,

run time, files loaded into buffer,

and setup and diagnostic menus.

Available Options:
Air Assist Pump 1 Bar
Exhaust System Outside exhaust required, 7m3/min

(250 ft3/min) at 3 or 4 inches water pipe.

610 X 610 X 1300 mm (24 X 24 X 51 in)

Includes Activity Carbon and Filter

Focus Lens 1.5" (Standard), 2.0", and 4.0"

Note: 4.0" only with regular table.

Honeycomb Cutting



Working Area

485 X 645 X 20 mm

(19 X 25 X 0.8 in)

457 X 610 mm

(18 X 24 in)

Vacuum Table

(Honeycomb w/

dust collector)

Max. Working Area

493 X 655 X 190 mm

(19 X 26 X 7.5 in)

457 X 610 mm

(18 X 24 in)

Rotary Device

Max Working Area

220 X 600 X 193 mm

(9 X 24 X 8 in)

250 X 415 mm

(10 X 16 in)

Chops Fixture 250 X 325 X 74.5 mm

(10 X 13 X 3 in)