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LaserDealer - Laser Engraver Model ILS-II

ILS-II photo
  • Feature rich Mid-Range Laser
  • 14.6 x 20 x 5.2 inch work area

    (370 x 509 x 133mm)

  • Fast 40 inch/sec (1000 mm/sec)
  • High Resolution up to 1000 dpi
  • Power 12, 25 or 50 watt
  • Internal 32MB memory

    (expands to 64MB)

  • Motorized Z-Axis table
  • Control Panel with LCD display
  • Air Asist & Exhaust Port Ready

The ILS-II Laser Engraving machine is a compact, multi functional, user-friendly, cost-effective unit that is suitable for various production processes. This versatile mid-range unit can be used for engraving and cutting various products such as gift items, plaques, wooden chops and rubber stamps. While a 12 watt machine can cut through 0.25 inch (6.5mm) acrylics, a 25 watt machine can cut through 0.475 (l2mm) thick acrylics.

The ILS-II can handle batch runs from small to large volumes providing on-the-spot and just-in-time production. Furthermore, the ILS-II can replace many traditional, slow operations with a faster laser based method. Most application sizes are within the ILS-II working area of 14.6 x 20 x 5.2 inch (370 x 506 x 133 mm). In addition, the ILS-II has a full-featured software driver that includes 3D effects and Rubber Stamp modes.


The ILS-II-12 is a compact machine with the lowest available power. Although it only has 12 watts of laser power, it can still cut up to 0.25 inch (6.5 mm) thick acrylics. It is compact enough to sit on the desktop - like a small copy machine - and be linked to your PC just like a printer.


The ILS-II-25 is a very desireable machine. Its 25 watt power makes it sutiable more many diverse materials. The machine is powerful enough to cut through 0.475 inch (12 mm) thick acrylics.


The ILS-II-50 is the most powerful machine within this compact family. Although it is a 50 watt machine, it is still a compact design. Unlike the lower power ILS-IIs, the 50 watt version of the engraver sits on a stand - making it a compact tower design (see photo below). It is a very powerful and versatile machine. It is so powerful, it can finish a job twice as fast as a 25 watt machine. This machine is very suitable for those who are time sensitive and/or require cutting thicker material.

ILS-II On a Stand

Shown on the left is the 50 watt version of the ILS-II. The 12 and 25 watt versions are not the tower configuration and can sit on the desktop.

Shown below is a front/top view of the ILS-II Laser Engraver with the top lid opened. This picture also shows the rotary attachment holding a wine glass.

ILS-II inside view

Photo of Example Engravings

Examples of engravings on different material includes baseball, acrylic and wood.

The Laser Engraver makes Stamp making easy!

The software driver has a Rubber Stamp Mode

that automatically creates the tapered edges that

are required for high-quality rubber stamps.

Photo of Example Engravings
Photo of Example Engravings

The The Laser Engraver has built in effects for engraving portraits.

These 3D effects make and engraving look like a Photograph!


The Laser Engraver is perfect for making wood engravings, models or prototypes. Examples of Laser Engravings


LaserDealer Laser Engraver ILS-II Specifications


Model No. ILS-II
Laser Source ILS-II-12/25:

12/25 W CO2 Laser Air Cooled


50 W CO2 Laser Air Cooled

Power Requirements ILS-II-12/25:

110/220VAC, 50/60Hz

10/15 AMP, 1 phase


110/220VAC, 50/60Hz

35AMP, 1 phase

Power Control Digital power control from 0-100%

with automatic proportional pulsing.

Maximum Speed Adjustable from 1 ~ 1000mm

(0.04 ~ 39.4) per second.

Resolution 1000 dpi, 500dpi, 333dpi,

250dpi, 200dpi, and draft mode.

Working Table 295 X 410 mm (11.16 X 16 in)
Weight ILS-II-12/25:

50kg (110 lbs)


100kg (220 lbs)

Computer Interface Parallel Port
Driver Language Chanageable to local languages
Software Compatable with most Windows

Intergrated CAD programs for graphics

and character generation.

Operating Modes Optimized landscaping modes with raster

engraving or combined vector cutting and

raster engraving.

Dimention ILS-II-12/25 (desktop model):

622 X 638 X 563 mm

(24.5 X 25 X 22 in)

ILS-II-50 (includes tower stand):

622 X 638 X 1139 mm

(24.5 X 25 X 44.8 in)

Safety Standards CDRH Class 1, CE



Suggestion operation:

operation enviornment should have

ambient temperature less than

25 degrees C.

Motorized Z-axis


Z-axis adjustment up to 0.03mm (0.001 in),

Max. up to 120mm (4.7 in).

Max. Working


370 X 509 X 133 mm

(14.6 X 20 X 5.2 in)

Memory Buffer 32 MB upgradable to 64 MB.

Intelligent memory buffer with

automatic data storage up to

99 files with all settings

Display Panal LCD display showing current file name,

laser power, raster or vector speed,

run time, files loaded into buffer,

and setup and diagnostic menus.

Available Options:
Air Assist Pump 1 Bar
Exhaust System Outside exhaust required, 7m3/min

(250 ft3/min) at 3 or 4 inches water pipe.

610 X 610 X 1300 mm (24 X 24 X 51 in)

Includes Activity Carbon and Filter

Focus Lens 1.5" (Standard), 2.0", and 4.0"

Note: 4.0" only with regular table.

Honeycomb Cutting



Working Area

350 X 460 X 20 mm

(14 X 19 x 0.8 in)

297 X 410 mm

(12 X 16 in)

Vacuum Table

(Honeycomb w/

dust collector)

Max. Working Area

360 X 490 X 110 mm

(14 X 19 X 4 in)

297 X 410 mm

(12 X 16 in)

Rotary Device

Max Working Area

220 X 491 X 122 mm

(9 X 19 X 5 in)

120 X 300 mm

(5"dia. X 12 in)

Chops Fixture 250 X 325 X 74.5

(10 X 13 X 3 in)