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Exhaust Port

Whenever the laser is used, it generates smoke and fumes. The level of smoke and fumes really depends upon the material you are cutting. Sometimes the smoke or fumes are very little and hardly noticable, while other times they can almost be over-powering. Some plastics are particularly "stinky". The Laser Engravers have an exahaust port that is intended to be used to suck the smoke and fumes from the laser cabinet. The laser does not contain an exahust blower - only the port. The user should connect a vaccum blower to this port and exhaust the smoke/fumes outside of the building.

Envraving with NO Exhaust Blower

Above: Picture shows smoke as a result of no Exhaust Blower. Notice the smoke lingering in the cabinet.

Engraving- YES with Exhaust Blower

Above: Picture shows same cutting as previous picture but with the Exhaust Blower on. Notice the decrease in smoke build up in the cabinet.

Note that some material should not be cut with a laser. These include PVC (Poly Vinyl Chloride) which when burned emits HydroChloric Acid fumes (not good for inside the laser or inside the lungs). Always know the material you are cutting and what are the byproducts of it being cut with a laser. The supplier of the material is the best source for this type of information.