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LaserDealer - High Speed Laser Engraver and Cutter

3 lasers

Cut and Engrave with the precision and speed of a light beam!

Introduction to Laser Engravers:

LaserDealer.com is pleased to offer a full family of high precision Laser Engravers. As the name suggests, Laser Engravers are engravers that use a laser instead of a mechanical spindle and cutting tool. Laser Engravers are the new way to cut and engrave material fast and easy. Using "flying-optics" the powerful sealed-beam CO2 laser cuts and engraves many different types of materials. Laser engravers have many advantages over the traditional mechanical routers. These advantages include:

Laser Cutting/Engraving - Quick and Easy!

The laser beam is 5 mils (0.005 inches) in diameter making it ideal for very fine detail. This level of detail cannot be duplicated with a mechanical engraver. Our lasers use high speed servo motors that perform quick and accurate positioning of the laser which result in incredible speed while maintaining high accuracy. For example, our ILS-III can engraving and cut at speeds up to 60 inches/second, making it one of the fastest engravers in the market.

No particular skill is required to use a laser engraver. Normally you create your artwork using a CAD or graphics program such as AutoCad, Corel Draw (recommended for most applications), FreeHand graphics, Adobe Illustrator or PhotoShop.

The Laser comes with a software driver that you install on your computer the same way you would install a driver for your printer. In fact, after you install this driver, your computer has a new printer icon for the laser. Once you have created your artwork, you then send it to the laser using your software's PRINT command. Since your Laser's driver is installed just like a printer, you send the job to the laser just like a printer - using the PRINT command!

The Laser's Software Driver is an advanced Windows driver that provides precise control over the engraving/cutting quality. These drivers permit you to easily map the laser's power and speed settings to particular colors - and this corresponds to particular engraving/cutting depths. Also, the drivers have a special mode for creating Rubber Stamps and automatically bevels the cutting edges required for high-quality stamps. In addition, the driver has a special 3D mode that provides really spectacular three dimensional effects that make photos and artwork stand out!.

Maintenance of the laser really consists of making sure it is kept clean! A weekly cleaning schedule (or daily for heavy usage) is all it takes. Air assist and an exhaust blower are two features described later that help to keep your laser clean.


Easy to Install!

No assembly is required. The system is unpacked and ready to use. The Laser is as easy to use as a printer!  Just connect it to your computer's parallel port, load the windows drivers and use your favorite CAD or graphics software to create your artwork. Instead of printing, it cuts and engraves...it is really that simple!

It is as Easy to Use as a Printer! TM

Most important, our laser engraver links to any software application with it's printer driver.

Any software that can print, can use LaserDealer's laser engraver's to cut and engrave.

It really is as easy to use as a printer!

LaserDealer.com has several models to choose from:

LaserDealer is pleased to offer you a choice that best suit your needs....from the entry level desktop model ILS-R to the midrange compact ILS-II and up to the premier level of the ILS-III.

The main differences between these models are:

Laser Power and Speed are two parameters that work together to determine how the laser engraves and cuts. The higher the power, the deeper the laser cuts. The faster it moves, the less deep it cuts. So it is a trade off between Power/Speed settings and engraving/cutting depth and process time. The power of a laser is specified in "watts", with typical values of 12, 25, 50 or 100 watts. The speed of the laser is specified in inch/sec (mm/sec) and normally range from 30 to 60 inch/sec ( 750mm to 1524 mm/sec). The power and speed specifications of a laser are the "maximum" that that laser can do. The laser comes with a software driver (much the same as your printer comes with a driver) that is installed on your computer. This driver allows you to configure the laser's speed and power settings. A higher power laser can do a better job at cutting thru thick material, whereas a lower power laser may take multiple passes or just may not have enough power. The choice of laser power is really determined by what you are going to use the laser for.

The follow sections contain information about the several models we offer. Within each model, you also have a choice of laser power. After the descriptions of the various models, we continue with a discussion of what some of the features mean (Air assist, Exhaust Port, etc...) followed by some examples of what you can do with your Laser Engraver.

ILS-R (Entry level unit, Big Features in a Small Unit!)

The ILS-R is the entry level desktop model. It is so small that it could be carried by one person - perfect for the operation that needs a first-class laser engraver with big capabilities in a small footprint. Whether in the office or on the road, the ILS-R is up to the task and perfect for applications such as rubber stamps, photo engraving and small signage requirements. The ILS-R is available in either 12 or a 25 watt model.

Picture of the ILS-R
  • Compact entry-level engraver for the desktop
  • 8 x 12 inch (210 x 300mm) work area
  • Quick Speed: 30 inch/sec (750 mm/sec)
  • High resolution - up to 1000 dpi
  • Available Power: 12 or 25 watt
  • Users computer memory as buffer - just like a printer!
  • Fixed table height
  • Light weight (75lbs/34kg) for easy transportation
  • Air Assist & Exhaust Port ready
  • Windows Drivers 3D effects & Rubber Stamp mode

Select this link for more ILS-R information & specifications

ILS-II (Midrange unit loaded with features)

The ILS-II is the mid-range series of Laser Engravers. This machine is still compact like the ILS-R, but it is also multi functional. Compatable with all Windows based software, this laser can cut through various types of medium. The ILS-II can also handle a significant amount of runs from small to large volumes. Also, the ILS-II comes in three settings: 12; 25; or 50 watt models.

  • Feature rich Mid-range engraver
  • 14.6 x 20 x 5.2 in.(370 x 509 x 133mm) artwork size
  • Fast speed: 40 inch/sec (1000mm/sec)
  • High resolution up to 1000 dpi
  • Available Power: 12, 25 or 50 watt
  • Internal 32MB to 64MB Circular memory buffer
  • Motorized Z-Axis Adjustment.
  • Control Panel with LCD information display
  • Air Assist & Exhaust Port ready
  • Windows Drivers 3D effects & Rubber Stamp mode
ILS-II picture

Select this link for more ILS-II information & specifications

ILS-III (Premier Laser with large engraving area)

The ILS-III is the premier laser engraver. The ILS-III is a high speed and high acceleration machine well suited for those larger jobs which require increased power and speed. It can cut deeper and faster compared to the other models. This laser is a real work-horse, and can be used in the most demanding applications. Although fast and powerful, this laser is also user friendly and is equipped with an internal fluorescent light for a well-lit working area and a motorized z-axis table for easy loading and focusing of your artwork. Its generously large 18 x 24 inch (457 x 610mm) work area makes it idea for those bigger jobs, or running those multiple smaller jobs simultaneously. The ILS-III even has a front door that can be opened to allow engraving on longer items such as snow/surf boards, skis, door panels, or longer items such as boat oars! When it comes to features, capabilities and performance - the ILS-III is the leader of the pact!

ILS-III picture
  • Premier professional level engraver
  • 18 x 24 x 8 in. (457 x 610 x 200 mm) artwork size
  • High Speed 60 in/sec (1524mm/sec)
  • High resolution up to 1000dpi
  • Available Power: 12, 25, 50 or 100 watt
  • Internal 64MB Circular Memory Buffer
  • Motorized Z-Axis adjustment
  • Control Panel with LCD information display
  • Air Assist and Exahust Port Ready!
  • Integrated Red laser pointer
  • Steel construction with easy moving casters
  • Windows Driver 3D effects & Rubber Stamp mode

Select this link for more ILS-III information & specifications

Select this link for a comparison chart of ILS-R, ILS-II and ILS-III

Select this link for Part Numbers, Pricing and Ordering Information

Features explained - choose a link below for information about the feature.

Air Assist

Exhaust Port

Focusing your Laser and Motorized Z-axis

Internal Circular Memory Buffer

Raster and Vector cutting/engraving

Red Laser Pointer

Rotary Attachment

Rubber Stamp Mode

Using the Driver for Speed and Power Control (color mapping)

3D Effects

Frequently Asked Questions - Choose a link below to read about some of the frequently asked questions:

Can I use office software (Word, Powerpoint,..) to send jobs to the laser?

Cut & Engrave diverse materials for many different applications. . .

The powerful sealed CO2 laser tube used in these systems allows it to process many different types of material including:

Our laser engravers are versatile and easy to use. Everyday we hear of new ways people are using it. Applications include:

Select this link for more material and application examples

collage of examples

Examples of using a Laser Engraver

Laser engraving benefits artists, award shops, sign making, design engineers and fabrication teams. The following paragraphs provide some examples of the unique work that can be performed using a Laser Engraver. This list is just a sample of the many different uses and ideas.

Laser Switches how to make a Switch

Laser Engravers are excellent for panel design and customization - especially automotive high-tech or retro car dashes. For example, rocker switches used in automobile dashboards are laser etched to provide a back-lit graphical icon (common for fan controls or air conditioning). The laser engraved switches can easily be changed without retooling. The laser provides the ability to prototype one-of-a-kind parts without the need for special configuration or high-dollar specific equipment. This task is accomplished by simply sending a file from the computer graphics software to the laser system. Laser etching allows for precise and detailed work that can be altered rapidly to fit new requirements and specifications. There is no need to order dies that eventually become obsolete with design changes and revisions.

Scrapping - The Art of a ScrapBook

"Scrapping" - the hobby/art of creating a scrap book, is large business that continues to gain popularity. Many specialty shops have "in-house" dies that are used to cut label material. Sometimes this can become a very tedious process. Why not get rid of the whole storehouse of dies? With a laser the job can be done "at the speed of light"!

Circuit Board Serializing, a Snap!

Circuit Board Manufacturing normally involves marking the circuit board with a serial number. Almost any computer board bought today has a serial number on it. The serial number is used by the manufacturer to track the circuit board as goes through the assembly line and for the end user when requesting repair service. In the past, labels have been used to apply these serial numbers, but more manufacturing facilities are begining to use laser engravers to mark a permanent serial number. Consequently, the numbers cannot be peeled off or fall-off over time. Since it is etched on the board itself, the number is also impervious to infrared reflow ovens, wave-soldering, and high-pressure chemical baths typically used in the manufacturing process.

Rubber Stamp Laser Engravers with a definate YES !

Rubber Stamps on the DeskTop! Yes - that is right, with a laser engraver in your shop rubber stamps can be created quickly and easily. A rubber stamp mode is built "Right into the Laser Engraver"- no need to worry about how to create those beveled edges that are so important to a high quality rubber stamp. It is as simple as creating the artwork in a graphics package (such as Corel Draw) and selecting the Rubber Stamp mode in the laser engraver driver. Send the job from the computer to the laser. . . .Instant Rubber Stamps!!

No reason to play in the sand, a Laser Engraver can etch glass!

Glass etching is normally performed using sandblasting and fine engraving is sometimes performed with a mechanical engraver. The Laser Engraver can certainly be used to etch glass. Using the laser beam on glass gives it that "frosted" sandblasting look. With sandblasing, it can be difficult to create a photo that requires all the different shades (i.e. different depth and contrast of "frost"). The Laser Engraver is ideally suited for the task. The 3D effects built into the laser makes creating photo-quality glass etching as easy as draw and print! People familar with the restrictions of sandblasting can really appreciate the power and ease of using the Laser Engraver. Past sandblasting users are some of our happiest customers! Stop playing in the sand, and start enjoying the speed and power of lasering glass.

Glass Engraving

Metal Marking is Marvelous

Can the Laser Engraver be used to mark right on metals? Absolutely, Yes! However, the metal surface is not actually "engraved" by our CO2 lasers (the laser does not actually cut thru the metal surface, for this you would need a much higher power laser), but instead are "marked"

Many manufacturers are now marking their parts and products. Unlike stickers and labels, the laser markings are permanent. This makes assembly and counterfeit detection easier. Products serialized using the laser make theft recovery easier too!

Some metals that have a coating already applied - such as anodized aluminum - can be directly marked with the laser. When a laser beam strikes an anodized coating, it turns the coating white. The picture below left shows an example of this.

Other metals, such as stainless steel, brass and un-coated aluminum require the application of a "Enhancing Agent" to the metal. This is normally brushed or sprayed on. When a laser beam strikes the enhancing agent, it turns the coating black. The picture below right shows an example of stainless steel that has been marked using the Laser Engraver and an Enhancing Agent.

anodized chrome

Select this link for details on Marking Metal

Be Creative

engraved shoe

Use the laser to personalize all different kinds of objects.

Engraved Shoes 2


Here are some standard laser engravings. For more examples of what each particular laser can do click in the link of the desired machine ( from ILS-R, the least powerful to ILS-III, most powerful).