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3D Effects

The Laser Engraver Driver lets you assign a power/speed setting to each of the 8 standard colors (black, red, green, yellow, magenta, cyan, white,orange). But what if you have a photograph and you want to have a continuous-tone look to it? How do you map the colors? You don't. The Driver has a special 3D mode that is used. In the 3D mode, the Driver maps your photo to 256 gray scales and then uses 256 discrete power settings (one power setting for each gray level) to create the engraving.

Black is given the power setting of 0%, while WHITE uses 100%. In-between BLACK and WHITE is divided into an additional 254 power levels corresponding to 254 levels of gray.

The results of this 3D mode are quite impressive and appear like a black-and-white photograph.